5 Rules To Follow If You Pocket Carry

Above Photo by Oleg Volk

Pocket Carrying a firearm is becoming more and more popular as manufacturers make the pocket pistol even better. There has been an explosion of these firearms flooding into the market in recent years and in turn has driven up the desire for people to use this method of carry.

Each different method of carrying has it’s own set of rules that should be followed, and pocket carry is no exception. To be as safe as you can and avoid any negligent discharges, follow these 5 rules below if this is your carry method of choice:

1) User a proper holster and/or trigger guard

Carrying in your pocket with a naked firearm is an absolute no-no. If you don’t want to be a ticking time-bomb, get some adequate protection for that trigger. A simple pocket holster that covers your entire trigger guard is the best option.

2) Keep your pocket a strict ‘Pocket Gun Only’ pocket

The safest and most effective way is to keep your pocket clear of everything except your firearm and it’s holster. That means no keys, money, wallets or anything else. We don’t want anything that could potentially hit the trigger, and we want to be able to draw the firearm easily if needed.

3) Watch your muzzle

[ad location=”Posts – Middle Post”]If you have a firearm in your pocket with the muzzle pointing toward the floor, you’re pretty good while you’re walking around. What if though, you’re at a restaurant with someone that is sitting directly across from you? Now, your firearm may be pointing directly at them. Keep the orientation of your firearm in mind when you’re moving about with your daily activities. Don’t break any of the 4 Rules of Gun Safety.

4) Keep your hands out of your carry pocket

Just as if you were carrying IWB, don’t touch your firearm all day. If you need to adjust, do so in a manner that doesn’t draw attention to yourself. Yes, pocket carry is much different than other methods where you may stand out more, but keep the touching to a minimum.

5) Don’t wear really tight pants

Even though you’re responsibly carrying in a proper pocket holster, your firearm may still cast it’s outline in your pants pocket. Try not to print when your firearm is in your pocket (or anywhere for that matter). Remember, we’re going for concealed here.

As always, make sure that you practice with any method of carry that you choose. Being unprepared if the time comes when you need your firearm is not a good situation to be in. There is no such thing as practicing too much.

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