BAD CHOICES 2016: Dude Shows Up To Homeowner’s Doorstep Demanding Money, Intimating He Has A Gun…


TULSA, OKLAHOMA — When a homeowner found a man at his screened-in patio demanding money, he noticed a car parked out front and realized what was going on: a shake-down. It was only when the man intimated he had a gun and he would use force that the homeowner made the correct decision to protect himself and his property. He shot the man.

According to Tulsa World, the suspect fled into the vehicle and took off. He made it a short distance before the woman driving the car was forced to pull over and ask a resident for help. She claimed her boyfriend had been shot and she knew who did it. However, as Tulsa police point out, it turns out she was probably full of hot air.

“The homeowner had called in stating that a man had tried to enter his home and demanded cash,” Tulsa police Sgt. Dave Walker said in a news release.

The only problem with the woman’s story is that her boyfriend got shot while in the wrong. He shouldn’t have been on that man’s front porch and he shouldn’t have attempted to use coercion or threaten deadly force. Two strikes. And now he’s in the hospital undergoing life-saving surgery so he can survive.

Tulsa police got to the bottom of this real quick. Not only did the homeowner call in and report what happened, Mr. Boyfriend showed up in the hospital in critical condition.

It looks like her big plan went sour real quick.

“The woman gave an explanation to the resident that was not repeated to police nor substantiated by the investigation,” Walker said in the statement. “What we have determined is that the female and the homeowner have a mutual acquaintance and the female went to the homeowner seeking money.”

Let’s go for surprises, shall we?

Surprise 1: Showing up on someone’s front door threatening to hurt them if they don’t pay up is, in fact, completely illegal unless you’re the IRS.

Surprise 2: Homeowner was not charged by Tulsa police for any wrongdoing. Go figure.

Surprise 3: Surgery bills are very expensive.

We’ll have to chalk this one up for another case of a homeowner protecting himself from illegal extortion.

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