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NJ Shuts Down NICS Background Check System For Undetermined Amount Of Time

By Kat Ainsworth via TTAG

Those who live in New Jersey have been given a “shelter in place” order. The order includes the closure of whatever the New Jersey government considers non-essential businesses, and on that list is every FFL in the state.

This notice has been posted to the New Jersey Portal NICS page:

Remember, in New Jersey all firearms sales must go through an FFL including private sales. Background checks are required by law.

With the ability to start a new form now taken away by order of Governor Murphy all lawful firearms sales are effectively halted with no date of reinstatement of those rights being given.

Forms processed prior to 9:00 EST March 21, 2020 can still be viewed through the portal, but since FFLs have been deemed non-essential in New Jersey will anyone even be at the gun stores to finish those sales?

View the website for yourself here. Familiarize yourself with New Jersey’s laws and the restrictions on private sales, which were created by Governor Murphy, here and take a look at this article about how New Jersey has the second toughest gun laws in the country (right behind California).


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