Armatix iP1, the world’s first “smart pistol” hits selves in California


With the growing fight for gun control, the German-based company Armatix GmbH has produced the Smart System iP1. Chambered in .22LR, this pistol can only fire when in proximity to a smart watch linked to it. If the user is not wearing the watch, the pistol will not operate.

Now on sale in California, the pistol retails for $1,399 and the watch $399. That’s a hefty price tag if you ask us.

We have three very large concerns regarding this firearm:

1) Technology fails. It is something that will continue to happen regardless of it’s importance. We still have catastrophes happen with space launches, what makes us believe that this firearm/watch combo will function properly each and every time?

2) What happens if you as the firearm owner are incapacitated, but your 12 year old daughter is not? If she is the last line of defense, how would she be able to defend herself if you’re wearing the watch? We’ve seen properly trained children successfully fend off intruders countless times, and we see this technology generating hurtles that would normally not be around.

3) We have a hard time keeping our cell phone charged let alone our guns and watches. What if the power goes out for an extended period of time? What if you were living in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and had this firearm to defend your family and your property? You’d be in a tight spot with no electricity.

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