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Armed Citizen Stops Armed Robbery In Progress At Market, Shooting Suspect Multiple Times

COATESVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA — Late Tuesday night, police say 33-year-old Lawrence Galloway walked into Turkey Hill Market and displayed a firearm to employees while announcing a robbery.

During the robbery, an armed citizen happened to be walking into the market and noticed what was going on. That armed citizen decided to get involved.

The man drew his weapon and fired several shots at the suspect, later identified at Lawrence Galloway, 33. Galloway was hit multiple times to the lower torso. He waited at the store as police were called. Galloway was transported to Paoli Hospital and is being treated for his wounds. He is expected to survive. The convenience store employees were not injured.

via dailylocal.com

Galloway has an active bench warrant for a parole violation, in addition to an active warrant for drug possession.

The armed citizen’s identity isn’t being released by police, out of concern for safety.

Involving yourself in an armed robbery situation is only a call that you can make at that time. Not all armed robbers are killers, but that doesn’t mean they won’t pull the trigger to save their own skin. Let’s hope that none of us are ever in that situation, but let’s THINK about what we feel we’d do IF we ever were.

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