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Armed Robber In “Scream” Mask Flees When He Learns Intended Victim Is A Concealed Carrier

FRANKLIN, KENTUCKY — Sometimes justice is poetic. Evidence of that can be seen here in Kentucky when a couple of tough guys, one wearing a Halloween mask from the movie “Scream,” try to rob a cell phone store and quickly learn the clerk is not easily scared.

The Franklin Police Department is asking the public’s help identifying two suspects who attempted an armed robbery Wednesday at Bluegrass Cellular on Nashville Road in Franklin.

Police say the person in the “Scream” mask wearing an ASAP FERG hoodie pointed a handgun at the store owner, but both men were chased from the store by the owner who pulled his own firearm.


It’s clear that these two knuckleheads were looking for an early Halloween treat via an armed robbery, but what they got instead was a trick of self defense from a concealed carrier. The story doesn’t tell us exactly what happened when the clerk pulled out his gun in self-defense, but in the end the two bad guys were chased from the store.

This goes to show that it’s a good idea to always be carrying, even at work. Sometimes we get lulled into a false sense of security when we are places where we feel nothing dangerous like this could happen; such as inside our homes or our workplaces. Yet, carrying a firearm is precisely for those moments when we don’t expect something bad to happen, so we are not left defenseless when the moment arises.

Halloween time is especially ripe for things like this incident to happen.  It is not uncommon to see people in masks and costumes this time of year. Our natural instinct is to dismiss it because of the season, but in reality we should be ever more vigilant of bad guys trying to take advantage of the holiday to get away with hiding their identities while they attempt commit crimes.

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