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With so many holsters under our belts (nice pun, huh?), it was nice and refreshing to review a ‘holster’ for the vehicle. We get this question a lot: Where can I carry in my vehicle besides the center console or glove box? Well folks, this may be your answer. Gum Creek is located in Georgia and is a ‘newer’ player to the game. Their take on the vehicle holster, both open and concealed, is surprisingly efficient and out of the way. We really didn’t know what to think when we first saw it but as you’ll see from this review, we were quite pleased with the outcome.


The concept for this mounting system seems relatively complex when you first look at it (but not too bad), but covers almost any vehicle due to it’s design and versatility. To get you set up, you’ll receive a holster and an array of straps that allow you to safely mount your firearm in your vehicle, under your steering wheel. In our opinion, this is the best location to mount your firearm because it gives very quick and easy access in case you need your firearm. We mounted ours in a Jeep Wrangler and at first we thought, no way. Well, it was easier and nicer than we thought. It took us a quick 5 minutes to figure it out and get our holster installed. This time included putting the necessary straps in place that were needed for our vehicle.


The install will vary based on your vehicle, but they do provide instructions with your rig as well as in-depth installation instructions on their website. To make this even easier, here’s a video of an install:



drawing_concealedOpen and Concealed options

For states that require you to conceal your firearm, Gum Creek offers a concealed option which is basically a pouch that you put your firearm into. It’s still very accessible, though a bit bulkier than the standard open holster. Still, it fits the need for those who need (or want) to conceal and allows you quick access.

drawing_standardFor open carry, a regular holster does the job and is their main package that they sell. The holster, riding on a piece of metal, is attached under your steering wheel with the provided straps. Another strap that wraps around your firearm ensures that it stays where it should until you need access to it. We love options, and this mounting system does not disappoint. Even if you change vehicles, you’ll still be able to secure your firearm due to it’s genius design.


We’re sold. Gum Creek did a fantastic job with this rig and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The mount alone is priced around $35, and the price for the mount and holster will run you around $50. For those who need to conceal, you’ll need the mount and their concealed holster for a combined total of around $85. We feel these price points are on par with what you get, and will give you years of faithful vehicle mount usage.

Gum Creek website: http://www.gumcreekcustoms.com/

Gum Creek Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gumcreekcustoms

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