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[FIREARM REVIEW] Ruger P95 9MM review for Concealed Carry

Consistency, durability and ruggedness. All excellent qualities of a fine American made Firearm. The Ruger P95 has been written about for many years now, so this article will not touch on its specifications. But rather, its fit and usefulness as a Conceal Carry Firearm.

A little history about why I chose this Firearm as a carry piece. First, I had absolutely no idea as to what armament to purchase as my first.  I went more on price and availability than ergonomics, dependability or even an Internet review.  I had a certain amount of money, went looking at 2 different Sportsman stores, liked the price of the Ruger and bought it.  I didn’t even fire it until a week after I purchased it. The idea that I would go on to earn my CCW permit and need a carry piece was just not on my mind at that moment. The P95 immediately performed without any hesitation or problems.  The issues that plague some firearms such as Failure to Fire, Failure to Eject or Stovepipes never did occur.

ruger_p95I began my carry experience several days after receiving my Conceal Carry license. I chose a Fobus paddle holster as my first Open carry holster.  The P95 fit really well into the molded plastic container and the paddle kept it close to my body.  I was still very new to carrying but the Fobus gave me the confidence to strap the firearm on and walk into public spaces. Drawing and re holstering was pretty easy and the holster did hold the weight of the firearm.  I started carrying in the winter, so a jacket became common place and I didn’t have to worry too much about my firearm being seen.  Plus, I live in a state where both Open and Concealed are legal.  It wasn’t until 2 acquaintances pointed out the fact that I was carrying and made a deal out of it that I committed to finding a concealed carry alternative. I had heard that a full size firearm like the Ruger P95 was difficult to conceal due to its size and weight.  Well, I was about to find out!

I did a lot of research on the perfect Inside the Wasitband holster for a Ruger P95 and what I decided to pursue was the Crossbreed Supertuck IWB holster.  However, due to financial restraints, I was not able to purchase one for my handgun. I really got tired of wearing my Ruger on the outside and on my hip and decided to see what I might find at a local gun show.  While perusing the wares, I came across a gentleman selling Amish Conceal Holsters, or as he called them- the Crossbreed Killer. This holster was an Inside the Waistband style that looked like the Supertuck, but had no Kydex and was all leather.  The price was right so I picked it up and started using it immediately.

I remember the look on my face when I first placed the Holster on and then slid the Ruger into place.  The leather easily accepted the Firearm and the weight distribution was excellent. Standing and walking with the P95 in place was not a problem, although not having a true gun belt and the sheer weight of the Ruger did allow pants and holster to sag and move slightly.  It was when I had to sit for long periods such as driving or at home that the disadvantage of the P95 truly came to light. Now I don’t know if it’s because of my body type or weight (for the record- I’m 5’9″ and 220lbs) or just because of the cheaper knock off holster that I was using, but the Ruger P95 quickly became too heavy and unwieldy to Conceal comfortably.  I didn’t want to become like some Firearm owners who purchase one and then never carry and leave it in the safe because of its weight or size. I made the decision right then and there I needed a different carry piece.

Now don’t get me wrong… The Ruger P95 is a wonderful Firearm.  It ate any type of ammo, both FMJ and Hollow point ammunition that I fed it.  It never malfunctioned and was incredibly easy to disassemble and clean. In fact, it is so easy to reassemble that my 8 year old son could do it ! The pricing for the P95 is extremely affordable and well worth having as a home defense tool or to add to a collection. It’s when you enter the arena of daily carry- either Open or Concealed- that you have to take a long hard look at both your commitment to carry it and body type that will allow it.

The purpose of this article is not to dissuade you from owning and carrying this Firearm. It is purely an attempt to present to you- the Concealed Nation- a work in progress attempt at Firearm carry. One that makes sense and one that is safe. I eventually sold my Ruger and used the proceeds to help pay for my current Firearm. I would be happy to share my thoughts on that one day as well.

To me a Concealed Nation should be a safe and vigilant nation.  You must make sure that you have the right tools to aid you in this task. If the style and weight of a full size Firearm like the Ruger P95 is acceptable to both your physicality and commitment to carry- then I say go for it! Just keep an open mind and be prepared for what this Firearm will offer you.

As always- be safe and shoot straight!

-Anthony (Concealed Nation contributor)

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