Does This Bad Guy Pat His Victim Down For Firearms?


BLUE ISLAND, ILLINOIS — A reader sent us this story with the impression that the bad guy in the video was patting down his victim in an attempt to check for firearms.

First, here’s what went down:

Rogelio Hurtado was almost done with his shift at Pollo Locaus on Monday when a vehicle pulled up next to him in an alleyway behind the south suburban area restaurant where he works. 

“I was just getting done making some trips,” Hurtado said. “We were doing a thing over by the farmers market that was going to be my final trip.”

The rest is messy. Hurtado doesn’t get the upper hand against two armed robbers, and is nearly knocked unconcious. Luckily, they took off (in his vehicle) and stopped the beating. But man, Hurtado wasn’t giving in that easily, as you’ll see from the video.

I can see where the reader may be inclined to believe that the first suspect, when he first gets right up to his victim, puts his hands on him near the waist. I can’t say for sure. It’s entirely possible that he was checking for a gun, or maybe he was just grabbing a hold of his shirt in an attempt to keep his victim where he wants him.

Either way, it is interesting to think about along with concealed carry. I switched from strong side IWB to appendix carry, and unless the bad guy is reaching for my goods, I have a pretty nice chance at a surprise attack.

Nice catch, and thanks for submitting! What do you guys think?

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