[VIDEO] 20 Interesting “NEW” Handguns in 2019


Every year, the gun world is introduced to new handguns. As a reviewer, I enjoy learning and studying what handguns are produced and for what purposes they are used. 2019 was no different as this year manufacturers pumped out many “interesting” handguns that are turning shooter’s heads. This review is called, “20 Interesting “NEW” Handguns […]

[VIDEO] My Advice to the Gun Store Worker


I believe that most people who work in gun stores are freedom loving patriots who enjoy selling firearms. I have had excellent learning experiences from gun store workers and several who have gone on to be my personal friends. The vast amount of these guys help their customers choose the best firearm, ammo and gear […]

[WATCH] 5 ‘Must Have’ .45 ACP Guns


I have come across many guys who take the “.45 ACP or nothing” approach. They believe in order to get something done, it needs to be completed with a 230 grain .45 ACP bullet. Whether it’s for carry, home defense or competition shooting, in their eyes, nothing but a .45 ACP round will do. Honestly, […]