The Most Overlooked Concealed Carry Decision

I get a lot of questions from people when they decide to carry a gun. What is the best handgun to carry? What is your favorite holster? What is the smallest pistol I can carry? Is ankle carry the best way to conceal?

Deciding to carry a handgun is a major decision. It requires a good sense of what and when is appropriate to use it. It is much deeper than what is the best gun to carry. The CCW carrier is putting themselves at risk every time they leave their residence with a handgun on them. Are they equipped with the knowledge and understanding they need to be successful?

Many states require a concealed carry training to receive a permit. These CCW classes typically include written work, range time and a legal part that explains the states carry laws. In Michigan, the CPL (concealed pistol license) class takes a full day. It is considered one of the most comprehensive CCW classes in the country. Thousands of people have chosen to take the class, get their permit and carry a handgun daily. Our society is safer because of it.

The question remains, is that CCW training enough? Well, that depends on the person. What happens after the concealed carrier gets their permit is up to them. Let us understand that going to a range and shooting paper from 10 yards is not necessarily pistol training. Is it valuable? Most definitely, but it is not intense pistol training.

The video above features firearms trainer and police officer, Vincent Jackson. Jackson, a friend of the channel, discusses what he feels in the most overlooked concealed carry decision. Prior to recording, we both agreed on our answer to the question. Watch the video and share with us your thoughts and experiences on the most overlooked concealed carry decision.        

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