[VIDEO] My Advice to the Gun Store Worker


I believe that most people who work in gun stores are freedom loving patriots who enjoy selling firearms. I have had excellent learning experiences from gun store workers and several who have gone on to be my personal friends. The vast amount of these guys help their customers choose the best firearm, ammo and gear specifically suited for them.

Unfortunately, not all gun store workers are well intended and respectful. There are times when I entered a gun store with cash in my pocket and ready to make purchases but found myself quickly leaving the store due to some hot-shot “know it all” gun guy behind the counter. I then make a conscientious decision to take my business elsewhere.

This article is called, ‘My Advice to the Gun Store Worker” because I believe at times these people turn away potential customers instead of bringing them into the 2A community. Customers may enter a gun store interested in learning about certain firearms only to be turned away from a gun store worker with a negative attitude. Typically, these customers will leave and never enter that store again. In that case, everyone loses.

Don’t get me wrong, I could imagine how frustrating it would be for a hot shot customer spout off a bunch of nonsense about guns and gear. Many will argue with a gun store worker about how a certain gun is the greatest firearm ever created. I have seen customers muzzle flash people in the store, argue over price and butt into conversations with other potential customers. Yes, they will ask a hundred questions about guns and gear only to leave the store and shop around for better prices online. I get it, very frustrating.

However, gun store workers need to understand their vital role in advancing the 2A community. They play a key part in bringing people into the shooting sports. Whether it’s about self defense, hunting, concealed carry, competition or simple firearm education, the gun store worker should responsibility and patiently educate the customer. I cannot think of a better way to get repeat customers than to build a trusting relationship.

We, as a 2A community need the gun store worker to successfully play their vital role to help turn the “fence sitters” into 2A voters. To demonstrate professionalism is essential. This way everyone will benefit and be more likely to support their local gun store opposed to shopping online.

Watch the video at the top of this article and share with us your experiences (good or bad) with gun store worker.

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Dan has been an avid gun collector and enthusiast for several years. He enjoys shooting and reviewing all firearms on his YouTube channel called TheFireArmGuy. Most importantly, he believes in the 2nd Amendment and strongly feels that all Americans should practice situational awareness and carry a gun daily.

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