[WATCH] 5 ‘Must Have’ .45 ACP Guns


I have come across many guys who take the “.45 ACP or nothing” approach. They believe in order to get something done, it needs to be completed with a 230 grain .45 ACP bullet. Whether it’s for carry, home defense or competition shooting, in their eyes, nothing but a .45 ACP round will do. Honestly, it’s near impossible to justify they are wrong as I am a true lover of that big slug as well..

This review focuses on “must have” .45 ACP guns. Of course, nothing is a “must have” gun beyond one’s carry pistol but let’s have some fun here and discuss which .45 ACP firearm you enjoy and which would work best for various situations. Most importantly, from a reviewer’s perspective, it gives me a chance to show off some .45 ACP firearms that I truly enjoy.

The first category discussed is a home defense .45 ACP handgun. I featured three of my favorites and I would love to read your thoughts. I feel a home defense handgun should have a rail equipped with a light and/or laser sight. I showcased three handguns that I feel suit the home defense category quite well.

How can we have a “must have” list without considering a concealed carry handgun? In the last five years, we have seen many new sub-compact .45 ACP models enter the handgun market. My favorite CCW handgun in .45 ACP is the Kahr PM45. The size and weight of that sub-compact pistol conceals so well. What is your CCW choice in .45?

I am a huge fan of 1911 handguns. There is just something about that short single action trigger pull that is extremely accurate. Today’s 1911 market produces so many variations of 1911 handguns. Everything from sub-compact to double stack to custom finishes, 1911’s are truly incredible showpieces and workhorses at the same time.

The final two categories are polar opposites. One is using a derringer in .45 ACP. There are very few firearm manufacturers that offer this option. Bond Arms has a derringer model called the Backup .45 that I featured in the video. The other is a .45 ACP carbine. With the popularity of pistol caliber carbines, there is no doubt that .45 ACP surely has its place in that category.

Watch the video below to see the firearms I featured and share with us your favorite .45 ACP firearms for these categories.

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