The Freedom Concealed Story: Part 3; Becoming Better for the Future


Something I will always remember from the first time I shot a gun is what I was thinking before I pulled the trigger. I thought about how I had the power in my hands to inflict serious harm on another person. Carrying a firearm is a huge responsibility, and individuals who do should definitely know how to handle that responsibility.

I think of a concealed firearm as a tool for self-defense. There is no point in having any tool if you do not know how to properly use it. With that being said, training is essential. I need to admit that for a while, I was kind of a slacker. The summer before I went to college, I went to the range at least every other week. I continued my frequent range visits shortly after moving to Utah. However, once I started my first semester of college (taking 15 credits and earning a 4.0 GPA), my range time significantly decreased. I tried to go as often as possible, but school kept me pretty busy. I was also hesitant to go to the range alone because most times that I did, I was the only woman there.

In between the end of spring semester and the beginning of summer session classes, I had a month and a half off from school. During that time, I went to the range every week with my law enforcement friend. He really took the time to point out small things that I could be doing differently. While it wasn’t a very long period of time, I have noticed significant improvement. My groupings are a lot tighter, and I got to practice with multiple different guns, besides the two that I own. Now I am back at school and I am continuing to go to the range once a week. I feel confident, even when going to the range alone. I know that simply going to the range every week may not be enough for some situations. I would love to take a defensive shooting class and a medical class sometime soon. I am open to recommendations for classes in the Salt Lake City area.

As I am improving my skills for concealed carry, my Instagram account, @freedom.concealed, is growing. It has allowed me to make connections with great people, who are knowledgeable members of the gun community. My Instagram page is something that I plan on continuing for a long time. I am barely a sophomore in college and I am not exactly sure what my future looks like. I do know that I want to turn Freedom Concealed into something more than just an Instagram page. Before I started Freedom Concealed, I was on track to major in sports management. However, after having my account and working with different companies, I decided that I want to pursue a degree in business. I hope to be working in the gun industry after I graduate. I also want to use Instagram to make more connections within the gun community. More specifically, I want to get in touch with other young women who share my passion for firearms and campus carry.


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About the Author

Jackie is a college student majoring in business and she is passionate about promoting campus carry. Her favorite firearm to carry is the M&P Shield 9mm in a CrossBreed holster with an Ulticlip.

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