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Homeowner Shoots Intruder Who Was Wanted By Local Sheriff

BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA — A Butler City homeowner, Jeremy Cox, confronted a man breaking into his home, holding him at gunpoint before ultimately shooting him. The intruder, identified as Nathan Harvey, entered the residence through a locked basement door around 5 p.m. Cox and his girlfriend, who were upstairs, heard the commotion and went to check.

Upon seeing Harvey halfway through the door, Cox armed himself while his girlfriend dialed 911. Harvey, who seemed to be under the influence with an almost empty vodka bottle in his possession, claimed he was evading police outside — a statement that turned out to be false.

Despite Cox’s attempts to defuse the situation by ordering Harvey to stay still, the situation escalated. “I fired a shot to the side of him to hopefully scare him,” Cox shared. But when Harvey advanced again, Cox shot him, grazing him. Harvey was later treated at Butler Hospital.

Harvey had an outstanding warrant from the Butler County Sheriff’s Office and is now facing felony burglary charges. Meanwhile, Cox is grappling with the emotional aftermath of the event, with community opinions divided on his actions. Butler Police indicate Cox is not expected to be charged.

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