Woman Robbed At Gunpoint, Attacker Makes Her Add Him On Facebook And Then Asks Her Out

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA — Amber Beraun, a pizza delivery worker in Indianapolis, was robbed at gunpoint by a man who, unusually, demanded to be added as a friend on her Facebook account. The perpetrator, who got away with approximately $100 of Beraun’s earnings from that evening, was identified as 31-year-old local resident, Damien Boyce.

Boyce later sent Beraun a message, expressing regret and vowing to reimburse her. He then extended an invitation to spend time together, a proposal that Beraun declined. Instead of accepting, she turned to law enforcement, prompting a six-week investigation that culminated in Boyce being apprehended and charged with armed robbery and illegal possession of a firearm.

If found guilty on both counts, Boyce could face a 17-year prison sentence. His next court date is slated for July 5. Boyce’s legal counsel, Kailey Ruggiero, emphasized her client’s presumption of innocence, looking ahead to the State of Indiana being held to its obligation to prove Boyce’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

The incident began when Beraun returned home late at night after her shift. As she emerged from her house after briefly stepping inside, she was confronted by a stranger. Fearing for her safety, Beraun lied, stating that she shared the residence with her boyfriend who was currently home.

The stranger then brandished a firearm, originally planning to invade her home, but changed his plan and demanded Beraun’s keys. Beraun persuaded him to take her earnings from that night instead. Surprisingly, he also asked her to become his Facebook friend before fleeing.

Credit: WRTV

Even though Beraun was physically unscathed, the event greatly affected her emotional well-being, causing her to fear being alone and disrupting her sense of safety. Despite this, she bravely played a crucial part in bringing Boyce to justice.

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