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Concealed Carrier Pulls Firearm On Skateboarders For No Reason, Caught On Camera

If you’re going to take that commendable step to engage in responsible concealed carry as a part of your everyday life, it’s absolutely essential that you incorporate a thorough understanding of your state and local laws to that lifestyle change.

It’s also vital that you display good judgment. This guy has neither of those things going on.

In a video shared out by the team at Active Self Protection, a man pulls up in his car at a church (that also serves as a school), and produces a firearm because, well, reasons.

Honestly, I just think they were annoying him.

Regardless, the man produced his firearm, and received surprisingly little reaction from the skateboarders.

In short order, he seemingly just jams his gun in his pocket and leaves.

It’s completely bizarre. Check out the video below:

This man is now facing both felony and misdemeanor charges. It’s completely insane.

I am a huge advocate for constitutional carry — that’s not a Concealed Nation official opinion, that’s just a “me” opinion.

However, videos like these just have to make you cringe. This is the exact kind of completely insane behavior that anti-gun advocates claim will take place.

Gun owners can’t give those who live in fear of firearms this kind of ammunition to feed their confirmation bias.

It’s just unacceptable on any level.

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