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[VIDEO] Never Put Yourself In The Corner, And Always Have Your Firearm On Your Person

It all ended well for the good guys in this video, but it could have been a mess for a few critical reasons.

Two men were inside a jewelry store, and a father and son were working at the time.

The father is seen walking around a bit as the men looked at items and asked questions, but at some point the son became suspicious enough to position himself for quick access to a firearm hidden behind the counter.

Then, his instinct’s proved correct. The man in the red hat pulled out a knife and started threatening the father. The son quickly displays the firearm, which is enough to send the two thugs running for their lives.

No shots were fired, and this was a pretty successful self-defense with a firearm.

The father is reported to have received some minor injuries.

There are some lessons to be learned, so be sure to watch the video and follow along.

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