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Man Runs From Bullet After Chasing Down Carjacker, Would You Take A Bullet For Your Friend’s Car?

Portland, Oregon has been going downhill for some time now, and that’s where the video below comes from for this article.

I’d get tired counting all the times I’ve discussed whether or not you should go after someone stealing your property, but my answer is always the same; if you’re going to put yourself in danger, don’t do it.

The good guy in the video is looking to stop his friend’s car from being stolen after seeing someone get into it that shouldn’t have been there. He successfully gets the bad guy out and even has him knock his face against the pavement, so hard that he seems to be out for a few seconds.

However, reality comes back hard when the bad guy gets up and pulls out a gun, firing at least one shot at the good guy, who luckily wasn’t struck.

This is what I’m talking about. The not-so-big question about live verses property comes up, and in my world I’ll choose life.

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