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Escaped Convict On Run For 8 Days, Shot Dead By Homeowner After Holding Family Hostage

VICKSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA — An escaped inmate met his end after breaking into a family’s home and being shot by the homeowners after a tense hostage situation.

Warren County Jail officials confirmed the identity of the deceased inmate, Rafael McCloud, 34, after Vicksburg Police removed his body from the property. The husband and wife and their 5-year-old son were moved into a bathroom while the inmate was attempting to work out a hostage negotiation. Police reports indicate that the wife was the first to be able to access a gun and fire it at the fugitive. The husband then followed up and assisted his wife by shooting the bad guy again. McCloud was declared dead with multiple gunshot wounds including one to the head.

via Vicksburg Post

“We are incredibly relieved this family was not seriously injured and they were able to protect themselves this morning,” Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace said. “It’s been a long week for this community and we appreciate the cooperation of the public as we have pursued this community.”

The husband was taken to a nearby medical center for treatment for a non-life-threatening stab wound and the wife reportedly suffered minor damage after being hit in the head.

McCloud had been wearing nice new jeans, fitted tennis shoes and other items indicating that he had either received help after his escape from jail or he had broken in and or robbed several other people to attain these items. Reports circulated throughout the Fort Hill area of sightings of McCloud before he was found dead after this stand-off. He had escaped in the first place by stabbing and overpowering a guard at the jail with a homemade shank. He was definitely considered armed and dangerous when he flew from incarceration.

This is literally a nightmare situation for any young family. As much as we’d like to believe that everything’s going to be alright in a situation like this — McCloud definitely showed clear signs he was not at all afraid to use severe violence to achieve his means. Thankfully, the wife took it upon herself to mount a defense and the husband did the right thing and backed her up. Negotiations be damned — there’s no negotiating when your own child is in the mix. McCloud picked the wrong home to mess with.

It takes a lot of courage to know that a bad situation isn’t getting any better — and if you fight, you at least have a chance.

As concealed carriers, gun owners, and folks that know the evil that lurks in the heart of man, we have to realize that Warren County Sheriff’s Office first priority was getting this guy back in front of a jury.

“This is certainly not how we wanted this to end,” said Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace. “Our goal was to take him back into custody and have him stand before a jury in Warren County. But he brought this upon himself.”

By the time McCloud made it in front of a jury, if he had his way, there would have been several more bodies being put into the ground. Thank goodness it was his and not theirs.

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