Man Has Gun Taken From Hip While Standing In Line At Tennessee Gas Station

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE — Memphis Police are investigating an incident where a man allegedly snatched a gun from another individual’s holster at a gas station on Perkins Road in Parkway Village. The victim was in line when the assailant, wearing a Looney Tunes hoodie, forcefully took the weapon. After a brief tussle, the suspect pointed his newly acquired gun at the victim and fled in a Hyundai.

In another incident nine days later in Whitehaven, which is roughly fifteen minutes away, another man reported a similar theft. He was at a gas station off Neely Road when someone approached from behind, took his gun, and aimed it at him. As they fought for control, an individual outside the station began firing shots, with one bullet injuring the victim in the leg. Ziyon Jennings has been apprehended and charged in relation to the outside shooting.

The police have not confirmed arrests concerning the gun thefts in both episodes. Anyone with relevant information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.

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