Police Leaving Home Of Mass Shooting Suspect After Finding Nothing Inside, Press Conference Reveals Little Details


UPDATE @ 09:47PM: Police are clearing the scene of the house they have been at for the better part of the day, seemingly ending their search for the suspect at that location.

UPDATE @ 07:23PM: CNN is live, reporting that the FBI is still at the house with a loudspeaker, saying that they don’t want to hurt anyone who may be inside. They are specifically calling out the name “Robert Card”.

A live feed from the scene can be viewed here.

UPDATE @ 06:31PM: Reporters at the scene state that many of the police vehicles have left the area.

UPDATE @ 06:02PM: During a press conference, it was reported that the shelter-in-place order remains in effect. So far during the press conference, no new information has been reported.

An official noted that the state’s Yellow Flag Law should have been initiated for the suspect, separating him from his firearms when he was committed for 2 weeks earlier this year due to mental health issues.

The majority of the press conference has been a push for gun control.

UPDATE @ 05:35PM: There are a number of news reporters at the scene, as well as at least one helicopter circling the area, likely searching for the suspect.

Original Story:

There is a significant amount of police activity at the last known address of the suspect in the Lewiston mass shooting that occurred last night. It is unclear if he is at the residence, but the FBI is reportedly at his house and demanding that someone open the door.

A News Nation reporter on the scene said that he heard loud explosions in the area.

A neighbor reported that the home is abandoned but belongs to the family.

This is a developing story.

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