23-Year-Old Woman Shoots Armed Man In The Head As He And 3 Others Tried Getting Into Her Car

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — A 23-year-old woman in Chicago had to use her handgun in self-defense, after police say four men exited a vehicle and one of them tried getting into her car while armed with a gun. The incident occurred on November 23rd just after 2am.

The woman, a licensed concealed carrier in Illinois, fired a shot at the man, striking him in the head. She then fled on foot, likely thinking it was the quickest way to get distance between herself and the remaining three suspects.

At some point during the encounter, the woman was shot in the arm. She was taken to the hospital in fair condition.

The suspect was taken to the hospital where he remains in critical condition. The location of the other three suspects is not known.

Seeing younger people armed and responsible, and then being able to use their firearms to successfully defend themselves is a positive thing for the Country. These stories happen on a daily basis and we try to catch as many as we can, and if the masses knew just how common these incidents were, there’d be even more people coming over to the world of concealed carry.

Anyone with information can leave an anonymous tip at cpdtip.com.

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