What’s The Most Money You’ve Ever Spent On A Holster?


Holsters range in price drastically, and it all depends on the quality and function of said holsters. Some literally go for $10 a pop while others can reach prices of over $150.

The above photo came up when I googled ‘bling holster’ as a joke, but man, there were some amazing holsters that popped up. The create of this holster, according to his website, doesn’t do this anymore. I could be wrong, but it hasn’t been updated since 2016.

The above holster does not have to do with the following story, by the way.

I had a discussion a few days ago with a man who had a $180 leather holster that he swears was worth every penny. It was a custom made holster that was absolutely beautiful (sorry, I don’t have a photo) and was form-fitted for this particular firearm. It was made by a small family-owned business in North Carolina.

That’s a steep price for a holster, but he says he’d buy another one in a heartbeat.

Custom made… anything… is going to run the price up, and I wouldn’t be saying no to every expensive holster that came my way. Sometimes, they’re just absolutely wonderful pieces of work.

But for your average person, a more standard holster is going to fit the job and budget just fine. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t and/or won’t splurge once in a while on a ‘nicer’ accessory that’s so important.

So, what’s the most cash you’ve ever dropped on a holster? And what we also want to know is; why did you decide on the purchase? Feel free to share images, business names, and anything else that will help others.

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