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Concealed Carrying Woman Shoots 2, Killing 1, Acquitted With Video Evidence

DAYTON, OHIO — A woman got to return home for the holidays after shooting two women, killing one, in Dayton, Ohio, last December.

Georgia Jackson, 36, shot these two women Dec. 2021. She was indicted in August on two counts of murder and four counts of felonious assault, according to the Dayton Daily News.

However, it’s apparently been determined that she acted in self-defense. It didn’t hurt that there was video evidence to back Jackson up.

Jackson was reportedly charged following a shooting Dec. 19, 2021 where she shot Ashley Webster, 34 and an unnamed 27-year-old.

The defense reportedly wrote that Webster threatened Jackson and a man with whom she attended a holiday party. Webster then allegedly made four trips to Jackson’s home, during one of which she attempted block Jackson’s vehicle with her own.

She then “attempted to assault the defendant with an object,” the defense wrote according to the Dayton Daily News.

“During this final attempted assault, the defendant, a licensed CCW carrier, invoked her right to self-defense and defense of another.”

Webster died on the scene, while the other woman was non-fatally wounded.

“During this time, the individual responsible for shooting both females called 911, provided her location and was detained,” Dayton police Maj. Jason Hall said according to the Dayton Daily News.

“The initial indications are that the deceased and the suspect were known to each other and had been involved in an ongoing dispute that tragically escalated into gunfire.”

The defense invoked Ohio’s Stand Your Ground law, and Jackson’s charges were dismissed.

“The shooting death of Ashley Webster by the defendant was fully investigated and the police believed this to be a case of murder,” the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office stated.

“At trial, the defendant claimed self-defense and was found not guilty by the jury.”

It sounds like her case for self defense is pretty apparent. It’s a shame so much of her time and pains were taken for crimes she didn’t commit.

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