BREAKING NEWS: Danelo Cavalcante In Custody

UPDATE 08:19AM: THE SUSPECT IS IN CUSTODY. A press conference is scheduled for 9:30am. After finding and following his heat signature around 1am, authorities have taken the escaped killer into custody. More details will be available at a 9:30am press conference.

Sources say authorities found him and then waited for him to go to sleep before making their move to take him into custody, although this hasn’t been confirmed.

Original article:

The hunt for Danelo Cavalcante is on it’s 14th day, and police at this moment are tracking a heat signature and trying to flush it out. A live video of the events unfolding can be watched below.

Cavalcante is now believed to be armed after breaking into a garage and stealing a rifle. During the same incident, the homeowner fired 7 shots at him, missing with each.

Cavalcante escaped from a PA jail two weeks ago, while serving a life sentence for murder.

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