How This Reddit User Almost Committed A Negligent Discharge… Yikes Indeed

Concealed Nation is part fun, part safety and part responsibility. I like to find interesting stories that make people think, and maybe even get them to change bad habits. This is one of those stories that reiterates the need for safety at all times when handling a firearm.

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Read the story on Reddit here, then come back to discuss

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It’s a dang good thing that this gun owner realized the different feel when the live round was chambered. Had he not, that bullet could have exited the barrel and on it’s way to who knows where.

The question is; do you remove all ammunition from the room that you’re using for dry fire practice? How about removing ammo from the room while you clean your firearm? ND’s have happened in both cases… many times.

Better safe than sorry. What are your safety practices?

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