Robbery Thwarted: Armed Men Carjack 64-Year-Old Woman, Tie Her Up, But It Doesn’t End Well For Them

A 64-year-old St. Louis woman is happy to be alive after being carjacked and tied up, then brought to an armed robbery.

As the woman was walking to her car, three armed men came up behind her and said they were taking her vehicle. At first, she believed that it was some sort of joke, but that quickly changed when they grabbed her, tied her hands together and put tape over her mouth, local media reports.

With the woman in the car, the men drove to Robinson Jewelry and once there, they stormed in with guns and began their robbery. One of the men, who was dressed in military fatigues, jumped over the counter. As he did this, the owner of the store was ready with a gun and fired a single shot. That was enough to send the three out the door as quickly as they came in.

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The owner says that he was only 4 feet from one of the robbers and that he believes he was hit by the fired shot.

When the thugs exited the store, they got back into the stolen vehicle with the woman still inside and drove off. A short time later, the vehicle came to another stop and the thugs got out again. This time, the woman was able to free herself and get away. Her vehicle was later found abandoned.

Lucky for the woman, she was able to free herself and get out of a bad situation. Lucky for the jewelry store employees and customers, the owner was packing power and could successfully end the nightmare that came through their doors in a split second.

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