Arizona School District Will Soon Allow Staff And Public To Carry Firearms On Campus


The Colorado River Union High School District in northwest Arizona recently passed a policy allowing armed teachers, staff, and community members on school grounds, a decision that has sparked mixed reactions from parents and the community.

Many parents are supportive of the policy, with some saying it’s necessary if the state isn’t taking the needed steps to protect students. Others, however, have concerns about the potential risks associated with having armed individuals on school premises.

One mother pulled her children out of the school district due to the policy, expressing concerns about students attempting to disarm teachers or the uncertainty of the teachers’ ability to safely handle firearms. Another woman, whose parent works in the district, finds the policy “extremely worrying” and fears it may increase the likelihood of gun-related incidents on campus.

The approved policy also allows members of the public to be armed on school grounds if they possess a concealed carry weapons permit and have approval from the superintendent. While some board members and parents support the inclusion of school staff, there are reservations about allowing members of the general public to carry weapons on campus.

In an April board meeting, Superintendent Tim Richard stated that employees with an honorable military discharge or those who retired from law enforcement may receive “special consideration.” All approved staff must have been with the district for at least a year, have a positive evaluation, no disciplinary records, and a concealed weapons permit. The only requirement for members of the public to carry on campus is a concealed weapons permit and the superintendent’s approval.

Richard, during the June board meeting, justified the policy, stating that staff and community members have a constitutional right to defend themselves in case of a school shooting. However, details such as the number of approved individuals, their roles during emergencies, or the extent of training remain undisclosed.

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office did not comment on the legality of the policy, but the district referenced a state statute that allows specific authorization for carrying weapons on school grounds.


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