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Carjacking Turns Into Kidnapping As Mother Fights To Save Her Child

If they’re after the car, kiss it goodbye and get a good description of the suspects. If someone is in the car, especially a child, all bets are off and any mother or father will fight and sustain injury to protect their child.

That’s exactly what happened in the below incident, and the carjackers didn’t know that they were actually involved in a kidnapping.

Doing what she could, the mother fought her hardest with the bad guys, but was ultimately thrown from the car via the door as the thugs backed up quickly, sending her flying and breaking her arm in the process.

Luckily, the bad guys kicked the kid out of the car just down the street, and mom was already running in that direction (broken arm and all).

We talk about it all the time: Should you use a firearm in defense of a vehicle? Usually not. One of the exceptions is below, and that’s when a child is involved and trapped inside the vehicle that is being stolen.

Watch how this heroic mom responded to this very real threat.

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