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Father Forced to Shoot Schizophrenic Son in Self-Defense

SAN ANTONIO, TX — A man was shot by his own father after becoming violent in his home, KSAT reports.

The son, a schizophrenic, isn’t unfamiliar with domestic incidents — and he’s extremely lucky to be alive today.

According to KSAT:

San Antonio police were called to a far East Side home after a man turned a gun on his son, shooting him in the leg in an apparent act of self-defense.

Sgt. Daniel Gonzales, with the San Antonio Police Department, said officers were called to the 2800 block of Lake Emerald around 4:03 p.m., where they found a 38-year-old man in the street suffering from a gunshot wound to his leg. Gonzales said the man, who the family said is schizophrenic, and his father, 62, got into an argument which later turned violent.

Fearing for his life, Gonzales said the father shot his son when the son began breaking items inside the home and moved toward him in an aggressive manner. The father, who was waiting for police at the home, was taken into custody and will be questioned by family violence detectives to determine if any charges will be filed.

Gonzales said police have been called several times in the past to the home for disturbance-related incidents involving the son and father. The son was transported to San Antonio Military Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries, Gonzales said.

Hopefully, the father at this point has been released — it sure doesn’t sound as though he did anything wrong. I mean hell — who shoots their own adult son unless they have a darn good reason to?

But in all seriousness, schizophrenia can result in violent altercations like this, and often in the cases of serial killers, the question of whether or not that subject is schizophrenic is immediately put into the forefront. It’s absolutely tragic.

Does that mean that all people affected by this condition are violent? Obviously not. Does this highlight how much heartbreak some families with violent members have to endure on a regular basis? You bet it does.

If you don’t, count yourself lucky. For those of you affected by dangerous family members — and I was there with you, for a time — our hearts are with you.

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