Applebee's Storefront. Image not representative of the actual store in the story (Mike Mozart / Flickr)

Armed Patron Thwarts Knife Attack On Applebee’s Employee


NEW HARTFORD, New York — An alleged knife attack on an employee at a New Hartford Applebee’s was stopped by a patron armed with a handgun, according to reports.

The incident occurred January 14th at 6:42 p.m. at the Applebees on Commercial Drive, according to The suspect, identified as 28-year-old Esteban Padron, came into the establishment and and began fighting with employees after being asked to leave, according to police.

Padron reportedly had a history of causing disturbances at the location.

During the altercation, Padron allegedly slashed an employee in the face with a knife. Another employee was also injured.

A lawfully-armed patron intervened and held Padron at gunpoint until police arrived. Padron was arrested and charged with multiple counts of assault and weapon possession. Padron was also taken for a mental health evaluation.


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Robert Nixon is a retired law enforcement officer whose career spanned thirty years in various assignments, to include the rank of chief. He is the owner of AO Training Solutions LLC, specializing in open enrollment defensive handgun and trauma first aid training.

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