New From Springfield Armory: Three New XD® Mod.2 Sub-compact Pistols In Flat Dark Earth


Man I love this color! Springfield has been showing us new product in their line on a daily basis since the 8th, and there’s still more to come.

Springfield Armory® Launches Three New XD® Mod.2 Sub-compact Pistols

Now Available In Flat Dark Earth For 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP

GENESEO, IL, January 9, 2016 – With the release of new flat dark earth color options, customers can now choose from three different colors and finishes in the Springfield Armory® XD® Mod.2™ Sub-Compact line. The XD® Mod.2™ was originally available with a black polymer frame paired with either a Melonite® or stainless steel slide.

New for 2016, Springfield Armory® announced the availability of the XD® Mod.2™ Sub-Compact with a flat dark earth polymer frame topped with a black Melonite® slide. The attractive new color configurations are available in either 9mm, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP.

“We are excited to offer this model in flat dark earth,” says Dennis Reese, Springfield Armory® CEO. “One of the benefits of the polymer frame XD® Mod.2™ design is that we can create customized models to suit specific customer preferences.”

The new flat dark earth models inherit the Mod.2™ features originally designed to make shooters faster and more accurate. The High-Hand™ cutouts on the back of the grip and behind the trigger allow the user to put support high near the bore line to minimize muzzle flip. Carefully shaped thumb depressions provide maximum hand-to-frame contact. The result is a handgun that is managed by the shooter – not the other way around.

The new Grip Zone® contours and texturing are specifically designed to provide maximum purchase at specific points where hands and fingers require the most contact. Three different textures provide the friction needed without painful overkill. The Grip Zone® concept is all about using the perfect material, in exactly the right place, to achieve the desired result.

The three new FDE models include the same internals that have made the XD® Mod.2™ Sub-Compacts so popular. The barrels are hammer-forged and Melonite® treated. Slides are forged from steel and also treated with Melonite® for concealed carry durability and corrosion resistance. Especially important in subcompact models, the dual captive recoil springs smooth felt recoil while ensuring total reliability.

Customers can choose the caliber and capacity option that suits their preferences. All XD® Mod.2™ Sub-Compact models include both a flush fit and patented X-Tension™ magazine. The 9mm sub-compact magazines pack 13/16 rounds respectively while the .40 S&W fits 9/12, and the .45 ACP carries 9/13 rounds.

The newest XD® Mod.2™ Sub-Compacts offer the same great Point and Shoot Ergonomics™, surprising capacity, and small carry profile while providing customers with even more personalized finish options.

About Springfield Armory®

“The First Name in American Firearms,” Springfield Armory® was founded in 1777, when George Washington ordered the creation of an armory to store ammunition and gun carriages during the American Revolution. In 1794, the armory began to manufacture muskets and spent the next 150 years supplying firearms for every major American conflict. The original armory closed in 1968. In 1974, the Reese family took ownership of the Springfield Armory® name and began making the M1A™ rifle. Today, Springfield Armory® develops many products loyal to the company’s heritage, like the 1911 pistol, while ensuring its future with innovative products, including the XD®, XD® Mod.2™ XD(M)® and XD-S® polymer pistols.

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