Traveling to Oklahoma: A State That (kinda) Understands Gun Rights

I’m on a plane coming back from a few days trip to Oklahoma. I was there to meet some biological relatives that I recently found. That’s a whole other story.

Anytime I travel, I bring a handgun to those places that I’m able. Oklahoma is one of those states, being a constitutional carry state.

Before I went, I did some reading to see what laws they have on the books when it comes to carrying a concealed firearm.

Most locations are good to go. Except casinos. That’s a big no no, and can land you in jail pretty quick.

Carrying into a bar is also a no go, both of these being a stark contrast to the state I’ve carried the most in; New York.

While I couldn’t find a law restricting carry at a state park, I did notice a sign at one that included “no firearms” while checking out a “beach”. I use that term loosely. This is their beach:

Lake with stuff they say is sand.

And the sign:

Moving on to Duty to Inform: Oklahoma yes, New York no. Florida, also no.

Aside from those restrictions (not so much the last one, because I always inform regardless of the law), the state is pretty pro-gun. They love their firearms.

Since I moved to Florida, it was refreshing to hear more pro gun talk then in NY. Oklahoma is the same way. We love guns and we talk about them. There’s no holding back when they defend their 2nd Amendment.

But as gun friendly as they are, there’s a little work left to do, as it is with much of the country.

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