2M In Jewelry Stolen During Brazen Armed Robbery In Manhattan; NYC Gun Laws Help Criminals Get Away


A man persumed to be in his 40’s was buzzed into a Manhattan jewelry store after posing as a delivery person. Once inside, he went up to the 8th floor to a store called Watch Standard and demanded jewelry and other valuables. During the encounter with employees and the owner, the thief pistol-whipped the owner with a handgun.

After the robbery and attack, the man met up with an accomplice downstairs and the pair took off. Luckily for the robbers, none of the employees were carrying firearms because it’s nearly impossible to legally do so in NYC.

According to the NY Times, an estimated $2 Million in jewelry and other valuables were stolen during the robbery.

We though about reaching out to Governor Andrew Cuomo to ask if his SAFE Act could have prevented this, but we deemed it a complete waste of time since there is absolutely no way it could have done anything to prevent this crime from happening.

We are certain, however, that the criminal only had 7 rounds of ammunition loaded in his firearm. </sarcasm>

Luckily, no one was killed. Sometimes though, a robbery can turn deadly for no reason at all. Concealed carry will never be in NYC’s future for the masses, and will allow criminals to have free reign to pull off these crimes.

After all, they usually don’t meet resistance until the police arrive and by that time, they’re long gone.


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