Why We Carry: 69-Year-Old Man Has Box Cutter Put To Throat During Robbery

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — Police are on the lookout for an individual involved in a shop theft on Saturday night. The individual is alleged to have grabbed a 69-year-old man from behind, threatening him with a box cutter while in a chokehold, as stated by the local police.

The incident occurred close to 10:20 p.m. on Saturday, on South Flores Street in the 2200 block region.

The local police stated that an unidentified man approached the elderly victim from the back, locking his arm around his neck, and brandishing a box cutter against his throat. Subsequently, the assailant ordered for all the cash in the register.

During this tense situation, a shop employee managed to come to the victim’s rescue, wielding a bat to free him and disarm the attacker.

However, before law enforcement could reach the location, the suspect made his escape.

Despite an extensive search of the surrounding region, the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) reported that they were unsuccessful in finding the suspect.

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