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Teen “Pranks” Friend And Says She’s Been Shot, Now She’s In Jail


VALDOSTA, GEORGIA — A teenager in Valdosta is facing jail time for a dangerous prank that she admitted to copying from social media. Tanija Hallman, 17, sparked panic when she texted a friend claiming she had been shot and could not reach 911. The friend contacted emergency services, causing a number of police and EMS personnel to respond.

Hallman later told the same friend that it was a joke.

Authorities located Hallman at her home, safe and sound. She confessed that the message was sent as a prank. Consequently, she was arrested and charged with reckless conduct, false report of a crime, and unlawful conduct during a 911 call.

Police chief Leslie Manahan condemned the stunt, emphasizing that it put lives at risk and wasted resources.

“Our officers responded in full emergency mode to this so-called prank,” said Chief Leslie Manahan. “Not only were our officers’ lives at risk, but also so many people who were traveling on our roadways as emergency vehicles were responding.  Due to the nature of this call for service, our officers had to spend time to ensure that no one had been injured, which pulled them from answering other emergency calls.  We will continue to prosecute anyone who falsifies a crime for social media attention.”

Hallman is currently detained in Lowndes County Jail.


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