“Full Auto” Rigging Video Nearly Sets the Internet On Fire

There’s nothing worse than watching the media, after virtually any gun-related event, try to marry their combination of firearm ignorance and desperate need to push an agenda.

Sorry to be that “The mainstream media sucks!” guy, but, well, the mainstream media sucks, at least when it comes to having a handle on how guns work.

In the video below, published a mere two days ago, YouTuber Andy Orlando explains just how to take your semiautomatic firearms and make them fully automatic — in classic anti-gunner style.

It’s as ridiculous as it is entertaining, and although I’ll need to put a viewer discretion warning in there for profanity, it’s worth a watch.

And the best part? Some folks actually fell for it. They’re on Facebook, they’re on YouTube, and they’re all unbelievable. Be watching for them — it’s hilarious.


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