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Why We Carry: Altercation In Tulsa Escalates To Shooting, Leaves 1 Dead

Tulsa shooting investigation

A fatal shooting occurred in North Tulsa near Pine and Yale, where an altercation led to one man being shot and later pronounced dead at the hospital. Police have taken a suspect into custody and are continuing the investigation.

TULSA, OK (3-minute read) — The Tulsa Police Department has arrested Rodney Hunter in connection with a shooting that left Ray Orcutt dead on Saturday in North Tulsa. The incident occurred around 10:30 a.m. near Pine and Yale, stemming from an argument between Orcutt and Hunter.

According to police, Orcutt was sitting across from a garage sale, loudly arguing with Hunter, who lives in the neighborhood. Hunter demanded that Orcutt leave the area, leading to an escalating confrontation. As Orcutt turned away, Hunter shot him in the back. Following the shooting, Hunter took his firearm inside his house before returning to aid Orcutt.

Upon arrival, officers found Hunter administering first aid to Orcutt and took over resuscitation efforts until EMSA arrived and transported Orcutt to the hospital. Tragically, Orcutt was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival.

Lieutenant Brandon Watkins of the Tulsa Police Department Homicide Unit stated that the investigation is ongoing, but it appears that the victim and suspect did not know each other prior to the altercation. “It sounds like the victim was just in the neighborhood with another person who we still need to find, and an altercation started. This sort of thing could happen anywhere, anytime,” Watkins said.

Hunter, who falls under the McGirt ruling, will be prosecuted in either Tribal or Federal Court. This ruling, which affects jurisdiction over crimes involving Native Americans, could impact the legal proceedings significantly.

The importance of firearm safety and responsible gun ownership cannot be overstated in such situations. It’s crucial to understand how to de-escalate conflicts and to be aware of the legal implications of firearm use.

Safety Tip: Always be aware of your surroundings and avoid confrontations whenever possible. If you feel threatened, seek a safe location and contact authorities.

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