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Armed Robbers Abandon All Hope, Run Away At The Mere Sight Of Cashiers Guns


LIMA, OHIO — Well this isn’t one you hear everyday. It seems a couple of robbers with “guns” tried to rob a local store. However, when they saw that the cashier was armed, they fled for their lives. Hmmm, I wonder why they did that?

According to a statement released Wednesday by the Lima Police Department, two males entered Hermies Party Shop on St. Johns Road shortly after 8 p.m. Tuesday with pistols drawn. They demanded the cashier give them money from the cash register.

Both males were dressed in black Nike sweatsuits and had their faces covered. Although one male ran up the aisle toward the cashier and lifted the white handkerchief covering his face. As he approached, he saw that the cashier was armed. The two men then exited the building running northbound. Nothing was taken during the attempted robbery.


The Breakdown:

Two guys, who seem to be novices at this sort of things, decided to rob a store. They got all dressed up in their bad guy clothes, put on masks, and got themselves some “weapons.” They went into the store and demanded money. So far, everything is going their way.

Suddenly, one of the “armed” robbers spots that the cashier has a real firearm on him. Without hesitation, they make for the door. They were last seen running as fast as they could away from the store.

The Bad:

We usually try and stick to critiquing the shooter’s action. However, we can’t ignore the keystone robbers in this story. Plus, there was no shooting, and hence no shooter.

We can assume that the guns the robbers carried with them into the robbery were not real firearms. Perhaps they were Airsoft, BB guns, or even prop guns. When they saw that they were going up against a real gun, they knew they were outmatched.

Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight; and don’t bring a fake gun to a gun fight either.

The Good:

The cashier came to work armed. He didn’t even have to draw the weapon. Merely having it on him was enough for the robbers to give up and take flight. Situations like this usually aren’t this easy, but just having a firearm can be a powerful deterrent to someone considering doing you harm.

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