Man Dies After Sustaining Stab Wounds During Nighttime Attack In Bedroom, His Actions Saving His Wife’s Life

MARION COUNTY, OREGON — A man is dead after police say he fought off an attacker who had come into his home and into the couple’s bedroom, and began stabbing his wife.

26-year-old Travis Juetten sprung into action and began fighting with the unknown intruder, who had stabbed his wife, 24-year-old Jamilyn Rebekah Juetten, 19 times.

Juetten got up at 3 am and confronted the man inside their home.

That intruder is still being sought by police.

Jamilyn remains in the hospital, alive because of her husband’s determination to save her.

Having tools in the house to defend against something like this is an essential part of home and self-protection. An alarm system is also key, and/or a dog that can alert you to any danger that has, or is trying, to enter your home.

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