1 Dead After Alleged Home Invasion, “Mental Episode”


SMITH COUNTY, TEXAS — A Texas homeowner allegedly shot and killed a man who allegedly unlawfully entered his home and threatened his fiancé, according to reports.

Smith County deputies were dispatched to the home after reports of a suspicious person, according to KLTV.

The suspect had reportedly entered the residence and faced the homeowners, claiming that the homeowner’s truck belonged to him. The homeowner reportedly believed that the intruder was in the middle of a “mental episode,” according to KLTV.

The homeowner was able to forcefully remove the intruder from his home and lock the door, according to the report.

The homeowner went outside to check on his truck armed with a shotgun.

The suspect then came back to the property, and the homeowner told him that police were on the way and instructed him to sit down.

The suspect allegedly came toward the homeowner and his fiancé aggressively, shouting the name of a female they didn’t know.

The homeowner told the suspect several times to stop walking toward them, but the suspect allegedly refused and made death threats against them.

The homeowner shot the suspect once in the chest as the suspect charged toward the homeowner and his fiancé, according to law enforcement.

Deputies arrived to find the suspect unconscious in the front yard, and he was pronounced dead on the scene. The suspect has been identified as 50-year-old Mark Anthony Correro of Houston, Texas.

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