Doctor Assaulted in Own Office, Responds With Deadly Dose of Lead


BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA — A doctor attacked at his own business responded with deadly force, shooting and killing his assailant, according to Kern Golden Empire.

The assailant attacked a Dr. Edwin Zong at his office April 25, and during the assault he is reported to have made multiple comments regarding money.

That’s when Dr. Zong was injured in the face and head.

In response, the business owner pulls a firearm from his desk and shot his assailant in the upper torso.

Zong shot three times at his attacker, and killed him.

Kern Golden Empire reports that nearby neighbor Henry Miranda was relaxing at home when the incident occurred.

“It was a gunshot pop, bang bang bang, three shots,” he said.

The handgun was located at the scene, and was confirmed to belong to the doctor.

The doctor’s injuries were significant enough that he was taken to the hospital, but he was listed in stable condition.

It also does not appear that the doctor will be charged with anything, either.

Apparently, even in California justice can prevail for the gun owner every once in a while.

But seriously, there’s a lesson to learn from this — how many of us have the opportunity to keep a firearm at work?

It’s important, and not everyone is able to.

If you can, do it. It is absolutely worth your time.

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