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Wild Game Of Hot Potato Leaves Store Employee And Robbery Suspect Injured

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – An employee and a disgruntled customer suffered gunshot wounds in a struggle over a gun on the last afternoon in May. Around 1:39 p.m., officers were dispatched to the Metro PCS store in the 5400 block of Sinclair Lane.

Upon arrival, they found two people who had been shot, and a third person responsible for one of the shootings. The victims were transported to a local hospital for treatment of their injuries.

Investigators have learned that a person entered the store at about 1:25 p.m. requesting customer service.  For unknown reasons, employees informed him that they were unable to assist him, and he left.

He returned several minutes later, drew a handgun, and announced a robbery.  One of the employees got into a wrestling match with the suspect and attempted to gain control of the handgun. During the tussle, the gun discharged and another employee in the store was struck in the leg by a bullet.

The gun fell to the floor and the employee who was shot in the leg picked it up and shot the suspect in the abdomen, then called police.

Investigators continue to work the case but say that following his discharge from the hospital that the suspect is facing charges of attempted armed robbery, reckless endangerment, and various firearm law violations.

If one or both employees would have been armed and prepared to defend themselves against armed robbers, there is no guarantee that one or both would not have been injured, but at least they wouldn’t have been forced into a wrestling match to take away the bad guy’s gun.

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