Woman Uses Ring Doorbell Footage To Help Cops Arrest Man Hiding In Her Trashcan


Sometimes, the headlines just write themselves.

In a recently-circulated video, a man is caught by law enforcement officers after attempting to elude them by hiding in a trash can.

They found the guy because the homeowners (or renters, who knows) had a Ring doorbell set up and had cameras at the front and back of their house.

The officer and woman converse through the doorbell, and he asks her to take a look through her footage to see if she can see a guy in a red shirt.

Sure enough, she does — he’s still hiding in her trash can.

The officers get him to hop out, and while he continues to run, he is eventually caught and arrested. I can’t confirm it, but it does appear as though no one was injured.

Check out the footage below — it might be time to invest in a smart doorbell.


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