Customer (also a felon), Upset With Work Done On His Car, Opens Fire Inside Shop, Shop Owner Stops Him With Shotgun


LINCOLN COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA — A customer opened fire on shop employees and the shop owner, after becoming angry with some work done by the shop on his vehicle.

The customer was threatening the shop owner prior to the shooting, police say. He began firing at employees from outside the shop, and then making his way inside to find the owner.

The owner of the shop grabbed a shotgun that he keeps in his office and fired at the customer, striking him with multiple pellets from the blast.

It was enough to end a could-have-been mass shooting.

Deputies said after the shooting, McQuiller ran into the woods behind the Safari Miles restaurant to get rid of his firearm before running into the restaurant.

A young hostess said McQuiller asked if he could use the restroom to clean himself off, but deputies swept in and took him down right in front of her.


The same morning of the shooting, the shop owner was in court to obtain a restraining order against the customer, who he says was sending threatening text messages.

He said McQuiller called his mother in Florida to warn her that he was “keeping tabs” on her son and even gave her his correct address as proof. 

The customer is being charged with multiple felonies, and guess what; he’s already a felon.

Officials said McQuiller is charged with six counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill and one count of shooting into occupied property and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Being a felon, he was in illegal possession of the firearm that he used to try and kill multiple people. Luckily, though, the shop owner had his trusty shotgun at work and was able to stop the threat.

This is a mass shooting that never made it to the news, because it didn’t happen. Why didn’t it happen? Because a good guy with a gun ended the threat before people were killed.

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