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Man Fatally Shot By Neighbor As He Tried To Drown His 3-Month-Old Twins

Ada, OK — An Oklahoma man shot and killed a man who tried to kill his own three-month-old twins, reports the Associated Press.

Apparently, 27-year-old Leland Foster attempted to murder his infant twins by drowning them in the bathtub. He held the children’s mother at bay by holding a knife on her.

A twelve-year-old ran from the house to try to get help, and he found exactly what he needed — a responsibly-armed citizen.

The neighbor, armed with a handgun, came into the home and came across the awful scene.

He shot and killed the father, and the children were saved.

They were taken to the hospital, and are reportedly in stable condition.

The man who shot foster was questioned by police, and was later released.

It’s another reason to be armed, folks — not just to protect your friends, not just to protect your family, or even yourself — sometimes the person or persons that may need to receive your help will just be innocent people who need your help.

Either way, we have to be ready.

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