Why We Carry: Man Threatens To Rape And Murder People Inside Apartment

A disturbing incident in Oregon was captured on doorbell video, showing a man, Dominic Austin (19), spouting racial slurs and violently threatening a black mother and her daughter, Nubrittany and Tasha Smith, in their apartment. The episode began on June 29, with Austin, reportedly holding a knife, banged on their door, directing racial abuses and death threats at them. The victims claim that they lived in constant fear, receiving threats for weeks after moving into the Gresham apartment, with Austin residing above them.

Austin faces multiple charges including menacing and unlawful use of a weapon, after his arrest on September 20. He was asked to vacate the complex on September 8, several months after the threats began. However, Smith asserts that both the apartment complex management and the police initially failed to act despite being informed, making them feel marginalized and unheard.

Gresham Police Department has acknowledged the grievous nature and potential hate motivation of the crime, and Smith’s lawyer intends to file a civil lawsuit against Austin, the apartment owner, and the police department, seeking punitive damages for their inaction and the sustained terror the victims endured, which also included threats of sexual violence. The landlord and police’s inaction persisted while Austin repeatedly intimidated and tried to gain access to their apartment. Austin purportedly mentioned having a counseling appointment, leading police to initially dismiss the threats as mental health concerns rather than criminal actions.

“We share in our communities’ concern and appreciate the unique impact bias crimes, in particular, have on victims,” a statement from the Gresham Police Department said. “Although the suspect has been arrested and is currently in custody, the investigation is continuing. We are working with the district attorney’s office to ensure the suspect is charged with the appropriate crimes.”

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