TRAGIC: Armed Citizen Shot And Killed With His Own Gun In Kroger While Shopping


INDIANAPOLIS, IN — One man was stabbed, shot, and killed by what appears to have been a teen that became completely unhinged, WTHR reports.

Worst of all, the murder seems to have been committed with the victim’s own gun.

On Monday, the Marion County Coroner said that it was not certain whether the cause of death of Carlos Castro was in his stab wounds or his gunshot wounds, according to WTHR. However, from accounts of the murder later the cause of death does seem to be the shooting.

What is certain, however, is that this death — the death of a man with a family who was killed in a Kroger, of all places — was completely unnecessary.

As WTHR reports:

Castro was killed in a violent attack that appears to be random.

One of the witnesses to the events just before the attack said she saw a “younger guy walking around with his cell phone, being really verbal.” She asked that we not give her name.

Moments before the attack, she says suspect Jason Neal Cooper was upset about something. “Just being very loud and disruptive.”

“When he came around the corner he saw the suspect on top of the victim and then stabbed the victim with a knife somewhere mid-chest,” said another witness in court documents.

Just moments before that, that same witness, a store employee, told police the suspect approached him and asked where he could find kitchen knives. He showed him.

“And then I heard three shots,” said a witness.

There are broken, sick people in the world. They’re in your church, your grocery store, and your workplace.

The level to which they’re broken varies, and we should be ready and willing to help each according to our own capability.

However, we never let them take us from our families.

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