What Should You Be Using: 9mm or .357 Magnum?

This is my personal favorite of all of the great (or not-so-great) caliber debates: Which is better for self-defense: the 9mm or the .357 magnum?

Although I own other caliber firearms, these are by far my favorite two calibers to shoot, have around, and buy guns in.

The 9mm is a highly-adaptable round, with all sorts of custom ammo to get the job done. The .357 magnum is, well, legendary.

So what’ll it be? What’s better — the .357 magnum or the 9mm?

Once again, I’m going to refer us to the YouTuber/veteran/firearms expert Paul Harrell for his input.

His discussion on the topic is interesting, and although few of you are likely to change/make your mind in the little more than 15 minutes it’ll take to watch this video, I think you’ll find it highly informative!

Take a look:

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